Storytelling is an art, a tool, a device, a gateway but respect for storytelling as a tool of learning is almost forgotten. Engaging the Imagination is another article about StoryTelling in Math.


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We tell stories about mathematics, about mathematicians, and about doing mathematics. We do this because we enjoy it,  because the students like it and because we believe that it is an effective instructional tool in the teaching of mathematics.

There is a high correlation between the students’ level of motivation and their achievements. The ability to motivate students is a very important teacher characteristics.

It is our aim to show that through stories we can make mathematics more accessible to students, as well as more engaging.

Students are introduced to mathematical stories of different kinds, such as stories that provide a frame or a background to mathematical problems, stories that deeply intertwine with the content, and stories that explain concepts or ideas.

Stories can be  oral, pictorial, written, or film media presented/made by teacher or students.

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