Photo Store

This is a story wich can be intro story for commutative law multiplication as well as for symmetry and rotation.

One student is a Customer who does not know math very well and another student is a Seller in Photo Store. Seller standing behind the counter and Customer walks into a shop.

Customer: “Do you have any frames that fit a 7×5 photo?” (looking at the exposed frames)

Seller: “Yes. We have some.Here you go.” (and shows few frames with big 5×7 title)

Customer: “I like THIS one, but you only have it in 5×7.”

Seller: “Yes?” (Seller do not understand the question)

Customer: (whines disappointedly while holding one frame)

Seller: “Um…” (looking at the customer wondering)

Customer: “But I need one that’s 7×5, not 5×7!”

Seller: (slowly turns the frame on it’s other-wider side)

Customer: “Oh, wow! It is amazing. How do you do that?”

Seller: “I just do the math”

Customer: “You kidding me? What math have to do with it?”

Now teacher can talk with students what math have to do with it and what is math behind this story.

Prepared by Danilo Borovnica based on story by Denise Gaskings.

About DaNe

Math teacher and IT expert with nearly 30 years of experience with interest in math, astronomy, life long learning, dance, music.
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